QIC DVP - UI/UX Designer Challenge (Recruitment)

This role will be responsible for a set of activities including: conducting initial user experience research, driving a solution vision based on business and user behaviour insights, designing desirable and intuitive multi-channel experiences, developing wireframes and visual designs, and iteratively validating solutions with users through A/B testing and feature testing methodologies. Combining art with data, driven by user behaviour analytics and insights obtained through tracking and monitoring tools.

Assessment and scoring criteria

All applicants shall be judged and assessed based on the usability and experience including creativity and ingenuity of ideas of all 3 challenges.
The areas for consideration shall be:
1. Ingenuity of ideas
2. Creativity of designs
3. Usability and experience
We will also be looking at the consistency of your work based on your personal branding page / design marketplace URL. 
(Note: those who do not complete all 3 challenges shall be disqualified from this round) 
1st round selection shall end 15th August 2022, 00:00 (+0 GMT)
Finalist shortlisted for final job employment interview shall be announced 21st August 2022
Wishing you all the best and good luck!