QIC DVP - UI/UX Designer Challenge (Recruitment)

This role will be responsible for a set of activities including: conducting initial user experience research, driving a solution vision based on business and user behaviour insights, designing desirable and intuitive multi-channel experiences, developing wireframes and visual designs, and iteratively validating solutions with users through A/B testing and feature testing methodologies. Combining art with data, driven by user behaviour analytics and insights obtained through tracking and monitoring tools.

Rules of Idea Challenge

Congratulations for being shortlisted for the UI/UX Designer position. To further evaluate your creativity and ability to complete tasks under pressure, and still produce high quality work, we have decided to put all candidates through an idea challenge round before the final interview. 
Please create or share a personal homepage of yourself, selling your brand and work you have done in the past. 
All candidates will be asked to complete all 3 idea challenges: 
1. Idea Challenge #1: Landing Page Mock Up
2. Idea Challenge #2: Website Mock Up
3. Idea Challenge #3: Mobile App Mock Up
The objective of the challenge is to test the creativity and originality of the candidates in thinking about UI/UX designs that users would love.
All submission must be completed before the 13th of August, 00:00 (+0 GMT)
Good Luck!

Candidates will be judged on their submission on all 3 challenges! 

Creative Idea Challenge #1: Landing page on encouraging Recycling (mock up)

Design a landing page that would encourage millennials in Gulf Corporation Countries to adopt recycling. 

Creative Idea Challenge #2: Website for Pre-loved Branded Products Marketplace (mock up)

Design a website with a complete onboarding flow for a pre-owned branded bags, belts, watches and etc marketplace with the following features:
1. register/log-in with e-KYC and etc
2. upload photos of products; with information and expected price
3. marketplace for buyers and sellers
4. checkout and payments

Creative Idea Challenge #3: Mobile App wireframe design for a eco-tourism company (mock up) 

Design a mobile app wireframe with a complete features for a eco-tourism company to promote tours, destination, food, accommodation and transportation. 
Based on: Figma or InVision or Adobe